Why join a golf league?

There is much to be said about playing with a group of women at the same level as you, as well as playing with more seasoned players to guide you along and offer support. You will find camaraderie with your fellow ladies and a level of comfort on the golf course that you can’t get anywhere else.

This golf league is for those who have put off the urge to golf for far too long. Who doesn’t have anyone to golf with. Those who want to have fun, build community connections and golf with a group of amazing ladies, and for those who feel the challenges or intimidation of being on the golf course when just learning how to play.

The Women’s Golf Network offers a subculture ladies have been waiting for, providing a social and fun platform for all levels of play. With a sophistication made of our own and specific to us, we enjoy the lifestyle and utilize the sport to grow and facilitate personal relationships.

Whether you play for fun, lifestyle, business, or competitive sport, you can utilize the expertise and resources this network has to offer in growing, improving, and enjoying your game.