• What is the Women’s Golf Network?


    The Women’s Golf Network is a social golf league that brings women together. The league provides pre-scheduled tee times, lessons, golf events, and the opportunity to grow and improve in the sport while connecting and building relationships with other women in the Edmonton community.

    League membership includes a weekly rotation of scheduled tee times starting in May.

    Along side the League, the Network also provides a social platform and opportunities for community building.

  • Why join a golf league?

    There is much to be said about playing with a group of women at the same level as you, as well as playing with more seasoned players to guide you along and offer support. You will find camaraderie with your fellow ladies and a level of comfort on the golf course that you can’t get anywhere else.

    This golf league is for those who have put off the urge to golf for far too long. Who don’t have anyone to golf with. Those who want to have fun, build community connections and golf with a group of amazing ladies, and for those who feel the challenges or intimidation of being on the golf course when just learning how to play.

    The Women’s Golf Network offers a subculture ladies have been waiting for, providing a social and fun platform for all levels of play. With a sophistication made of our own and specific to us, we enjoy the lifestyle and utilize the sport to grow and facilitate personal relationships.

    Whether you play for fun, lifestyle, business, or competitive sport, you can utilize the expertise and resources this network has to offer in growing, improving, and enjoying your game.

  • When does the league play?

    The league membership includes a weekly rotation of scheduled tee times starting May 15th. The weekly rotation includes:

    Wednesday 18-holes
    Every week with start tee times between 10 and 11am

    Wednesday 9-holes
    Every week with start tee times between 5:30 and 6:00pm

    Thursday 9-holes
    Every week with start tee times between 5:45 and 6:15pm

    Friday 18-holes
    Every week with start tee times between 10 and 11am

    See Golf Events

  • What golf courses are played at?

    Tee times are scheduled across 12 different Golf Courses in and around Edmonton offering a variety of beautiful landscape while catering to all skill levels.
    • Lewis Estates Golf Course
    • River Ridge Golf Course
    • Jagare Ridge Golf Course
    • Coloniale Golf Club
    • The Quarry
    • RedTail Landing
    • Devon Golf Course
    • The Links Golf Club
    • The Ranch Golf & Country Club
    • Red Tail Landing Golf Course
    • Eagle Rock Golf Club
    • Twin Willows Golf Club
    • Broadmoore Golf Course
    • Countryside Golf Club
  • Who plays in this league?

    This network consists of women from all walks, ages, status and stages of life, from retired and semi-retired to at-home and working moms, business, sales, working women, career driven, married, single, adventurous, empowered, seeking balance, gotta put myself out there, stress outlet, need to get out of the house, or all my friends are married.
    This network, bringing all women together for whichever reason, is a platform and outlet for social interaction, fun experiences and community connection.

  • What is the age range?

    We have a very diverse group of women with ages ranging from 28 to 76!

    5% – 25 to 29
    35% – 30 to 40
    35% – 41 to 65
    25% – 66+

  • Do you have to be a golfer?

    No you do not have to be a golfer. However, the idea of the league is to discover your passion for the sport and become one, at whichever level suits you.

    If you don’t have any clubs or idea where to start in the sport, no worries! We’ve got your back. The Women’s Golf Network can supply you with temporary clubs for a period of time until you find your feet and decide to jump in with your own set. We can help get you set up with new or used equipment at affordable prices.

  • How do I sign up?

    It is very easy to get started as a league member. Simply Click Here to register and purchase a membership.

    Once you’ve purchased a membership you will receive a confirmation email reminding you to sign up for the free member events including the Season Launch Party, Club Fitting, and Rules & Etiquette Workshop.

    On May 26th we will also have a brief orientation to walk you through booking tee times, review of upcoming events, and managing your season with The Women’s Golf Network.

  • How much is a League Membership?

    The cost of a season League Membership is $219 which includes tickets for all league events.

  • What does the membership fee include?

    The membership gives you access to all pre-scheduled tee times including daytime, evening, weekday and weekend.

    Included in the membership fee are the following events:

    • Catered Season Launch Party
    • Catered Golf Social with Rules & Etiquette Workshop
    • Club Fitting & Golf Clinic with BBQ

    With a league membership you also receive:

    • Green Fee discounts of $2 to $10 per golf course
    • Member discounts on Group Lessons
    • Member discounts on Golf Clinics
    • Member admission to WGN League Events
  • What levels play in this league?

    The Women’s Golf Network league membership is ideal for all levels, with extra consideration towards new golfers. Whether you are a beginner or have never picked up a club before, the league membership provides a proven program to take you from first-timer to versed player within your first season.

    This league also offers a faster paced level for those who have played on any other level and want to improve their game and be a part of a ladies golf community.

  • Do all levels play together?

    Tee times can be booked according to your level of play. Offering a Beginners League, Intermediate, and Faster Paced League. The Faster Paced league sets the starting pace for the evening, being the first groups to tee off.

  • What level am I?

    First Timer/Beginner:

    • You have never picked up a club before
    • You have never taken lessons before
    • You have never played a full 9-holes
    • You have dabbled in golf throughout the years but have never played consistently
    • You have established somewhat of a swing base but is inconsistent and causes you to play at a slower pace
    • You enjoy or prefer to play at a slower pace

    Intermediate/Faster Paced:

    • You are a seasoned player
    • You have taken lessons
    • You have a consistent swing base
    • You don’t consider yourself an advanced player however you still maintain a faster pace when playing
  • What if I’ve never golfed before?

    This league offers a special program for those who have never played before and want to learn the sport, or whom have dabbled here and there but never got the hang of it or enjoyed it enough to pursue.

    You will learn the rules and etiquette of the game, how to maneuver on the golf course, how to manage your clubs, you will learn to hit the ball straight and in the air, and most importantly you will develop a level of comfort on the golf course.
    To top it all off you will have the opportunity to put everything into practice on a weekly basis while playing alongside ladies of the same level as well more experienced players for added support and encouragement. All the while having a blast!

  • Do I have to play a certain amount?

    You can play as much or as little as you like. Tee times are provided for you to sign up at your leisure. Some women play two times a week, others play once a week or every second week. It is completely up to you and your schedule.

  • Are green fees included?

    Green fees are paid individually upon signing up for a tee time. Green fees vary from course to course and can range from $22 to $52. The Women’s Golf Network membership includes discounts on green fees from 5 to 20%.

  • How are the foursomes grouped?

    Foursomes are grouped according to who has signed up for each tee time. You may request to golf with someone in particular or arrange with others to sign up for the same tee time.

    Tee times are ordered according to level of play with Faster Paced teeing off first, Beginners second and First Timers third.

  • How do I book my tee times?

    The Women’s Golf Network offers an easy and seamless way to manage your tee times. You may book your tee times in the League Booking App or Website and pay for green fees and power/push cart all at the same time. When you show up at the Golf Course you will find your cart waiting for you!